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AD7192 - RDY pin is always high after start conversion

Hi supporter,

I'm working with AD7192 by the driver (non OS driver).

However I cannot get the correct internal temperature result, the AD7192 always return 0.

This is my current process:

1. Power on the AD7192

2. Send reset signal to AD7192

3. Check the chip ID -> get return value is 0xA0

4. Set channel to 2 (temperature sensor)

5. Start single conversion -> send 0x280060

6.Wait RDY pin to LOW -> get stuck here

Please guide me how to overcome this issue.

Thank you!


  • Hi, 

    Can you stop reading the conversions? For example upon power up in continuous conversion mode with /CS low can you just monitor the DRDY pin and see if it is pulsing at default ODR (50SPS)? Please take note also that the DRDY pin is in high z mode when /CS is high so you need to keep your /CS low to monitor the conversion ready pin. 

    When DOUT/RDY stops pulsing at any time and it stays high or low (even though the ADC is configured for continuous conversion mode), this indicates that the serial interface has become asynchronous (incorrect number of SCLK pulses, glitches on the SCLK line). Ensure that the correct number of SCLK pulses are being used for each read/write operation. 



  • Hi Jellenie,

    Thank for your info.

    After days for checking, I found the reason: the SYNC pin is not in correct state. It should be high to enable the digital filter.

    I could get the data of temperature sensor now.

    Thank you!