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CN-0545 Thermistor AD7124 Eval+


I have a set of evaluation kits - EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and EVAL-AD7124-4SDZ.

We would like to apply this evaluation kits to test the CN-0545 Thermistor Measurement reference design.

By following the guide, we expected "Thermistor" tap under the "Demo Modes" section

However, we follow the guide but the "Thermistor" tap is missing.

Our evaluation Software is Version:

Might I know if my kits and Software is updated?

Appreciate your help in advance.


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  • Hi Jellenie,

    Thank for your help. I will be looking forward to the new update version is v1.4.2.17

    Yes, I downloaded the thermistor configurator tools. It is a powerful tools.

    It recommend the resistor value, Temp code in Hex and operation range. Very convenient

    I am really appreciated. High recommended!Thumbsup

    By the way, do you have advice for converting ADC value to temperature in code? The thermistor calculation require Steinhart-Hart / beta equation and natural logarithm.

    I am wondering the methods to translate math formula into a C code.

    Thank for your help in advance.

    Thank you.