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AD7879 DAV Function

Hi, Guys,

Thank you for your support.
Please let me know about the DAV interrupt of the AD7879.

When DAV is enabled, are there any cases where the INT pin remains High after the conversion sequence is completed?
If so, what are the cases?

The settings of the control register are as follows.
Control Register 1: 0x8DFF
Control Register 2: 0x41E3
Control Register 3: 0xD0F0

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  • Hi, 

    We have contacted the product apps of this generic to further assist you and hopefully will come back to you soon. 



  • Hi Yuki,

    Please find my comments below:

    DAV goes high in the following cases:

    • Reading the result registers resets the DAV signal to high.
    • When the on-board timer is programmed to perform automatic conversions, limited time is available to the host to read the result registers before another sequence of conversions begins. The DAV signal is also reset high if a new conversion is started by the AD7879 because the timer expires.
    • This condition only applies if you are using AD7879 (SPI version) and DAV mode. If the user does not read the results when performing a conversion, the DAV signal goes low when it is supposed to, however, it stays low for only 1 clock cycle instead of waiting for the user to read the results. This issue is fixed by performing a dummy writing, that is the reason why we recommend to write 0x00 to address 0x81 in the datasheet.

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    Maria Jose,

  • Thank you for your reply.

    The issue is only SPI version? How about I2C version (AD7879-1) ?

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  • Hi, 

    I am not sure if this issue is being handled offline. But if not just let us know so we can follow up.