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AD7172-2 internal temperature sensor


Can you tell me how do I have to set the input type (unipolar or bipolar) of the AD7172-2 to get the right temperature sensor senstivity of 477uV/K? Since no inducation is given into the data sheet. Similarly, based on Q&A answers, I learned that I will need to set the internal voltage reference to get working the internal temperature sensor. Please confirm. Again, as far as I know this information is not indicated into the ADC datasheet. For the rest, I assume that I can use/set (filter, sampling, etc) any of the register setting as it is possible to do for the standard voltage inputs when reading the internal temperature sensor.

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  • Hi, 

    There is no restriction in terms of which mode to use. The conversion result in the equation is the equivalent conversions in Volts. So the translation of codes to volt will depend on what mode (unipolar/bipolar) did you used. In terms of the reference yes, the internal reference must be enabled and must be selected when the temperature sensor is enabled. The internal reference is automatically selected when the internal temp sensor is used. However, if the reference is off, it may not be completely settled when the conversion takes place. Note that the AIN buffers should also be enabled.