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i am getting incorrect values when reading ad4111 channel records

before addressing the problem, I would like to point out the tools I use.

equipment used:

Adc board: EVALAD4111/12SDZ


development board :Easymx PRO v7 (STM32F107)



the compilation method: non os

apis used for compilation: Analog Devices Mbed OS  EVAL-AD717x-AD411x





ad717x_console_app.c  and other defination and source file.




Default values are written to the channel records using the AD717X_Init function. after the installation process is completed, I am reading the device's credentials correctly with the (menu_read_id) function. (the function you use for this operation appears in figure 5. ad717x_console_app.c  this func. int32_t menu_read_id(uint32_t menu_id))


although I didn't write any data to the channel records afterwards, when I read the channel records, I read different values in random ways, while the record value should be 0x0000. (the function you use for this operation appears in figure 4. channel_read(uint32_t menu_id))



I have written the new configuration value to activate all adc channels. (typed value: 0x8000) 

when I read back the register values of the activated channels, I see that the read value is 0xC000. . (the function you use for this operation appears in figure 5. ad717x.c>>  AD717X_WriteRegister(ad717x_dev *device,  uint8_t addr)

AD717X_ReadRegister(ad717x_dev *device, uint8_t addr)



then I update the entire channel records by typing the value 0x0000 to close the channels, and then when I reread the channel records, I saw that the values read were 0x8000. isn't [bit 15] supposed to be zero when the channels are configured to be closed?

Since I can read the ID record, I don't think there is a problem with my SPI interface configuration. I have configured the SPI settings as SPI mode3 as specified in the dataset.(see figure 1)


when I only read the channel records without writing a value on them, random values are read from each channel.( see figure 6)

however, in the ad4111 installation, I see that the value "0x0000" is written to the channel records.