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AD4111 input range


I am using AD4111 in my circuit for reading RTD. My input range is very low and it is around several millivolts. I do not need the wide range of AD4111. Is there any way to limit the rage so as to achieve higher precision?  Right now my precision is around 0.1 mv and  I want it to be around 0.01 mv.

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  • Hi, 

    Apologies for missing this item. I will move this to the Q&A section so that others can easily find this. 

    With regards to your question. Unfortunately the AD4111 voltage inputs is specified for +/-10V input voltage range. So looking at the noise Table 6 and Table 8 of the AD4111 (Rev. B) datasheet,  A 10uV pk-pk resolution is difficult to achieve even at the slowest ODR.

    For RTD type of application wherein a lower input ranges is required I would recommend to check AD7124-4 / AD7124-8 as it offers all the building blocks needed for RTD application along with the available ecosystem (i.e. collaterals) to support this type of application. Please visit the product page and see all available resources. 

    If you still wish to use the high voltage channel counts of AD4111 and just need few channel counts for lower input ranges I would recommend our AD4116. It offers to support high precision and accuracy over lower input ranges using ADCINx channels.