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About the output data rate of AD4111


I have a question about the output data rate of the AD4111.

I use several types of ODR (Output Data Rate), but it works normally when it is 59.52, but when I operate it in continuous conversion mode at 49.68, DOUT / RDYn does not become L and the conversion is not completed. ..

The channel register settings (0x10 to 0x13) are the same for both data rates.

Since the conversion completion cannot be detected, the next 0x44 data register cannot be accessed.

Is there any reason why DOUT / RDYn does not work due to the difference in ODR?

I would be grateful if you could reply.

Best Regards,

  • Hi, 

    This is interesting, have you tried to select other ODR? Does it also having some issue or is it just the 49.68SPS? 

    Usually when DOUT/RDY stops pulsing at any time and it stays high or low, this could indicates that the serial interface has become asynchronous (incorrect number of SCLK pulses, glitches on the SCLK line). Ensure that the correct number of SCLK pulses are being used for each read/write operation. 

    Have you also tried to read back the filter register settings and see if you have written the correct register value? 

    In your code, may I ask if you only change the filter register value and the rest of the code remains the same? Same with the hardware are you using the same hardware settings for both ODRs?