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Error due to change of link option of EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ

When I changed the jumper switch of LK9 on EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ from A to B to change the parallel interface to serial interface, the Fault Registers all light up and the settings on the Configuration screen (Fault Detection, etc.) are not reflected. Why   is this?  Please let me know if there is a solution.

  • Unfortunately the evaluation software supports parallel interface mode only.   For serial communications you will need to develop your own custom solution.


  • Thanks for the reply. One more thing I would like to know, how can I set the EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ to serial communications  without SDP-B? Is it enough to changed the jumper switch of LK9?

  • LK9 is certainly the first thing you need to do to utilize the serial interface mode.   You will also need to modify the Jumpers connecting CS\ (LK2), position C and  RD\ (LK3)  and SAMPLE\ (L1) to Position B to expose access to these signals on J4. 

    RES0/RES1 are set manually by LK6 and LK7 to the desired encoded value using positions A or B as appropriate.  

    A1/A0 are controlled by setting LK4 and LK5 to position C and connection GPIO from your host controller to control the mode to J4.  If you only care about configuration mode for now you can simply configure these both in position A.

    To access the serial communication signals WR\FSYNC\, DB13/SCLK, DB14/SDI and DB15/SDO can all be made directly to the appropriate pins on J4 as indicated in the schematic.

    RESET can optionally be triggered from an external IO source as well by passing a pulse to the reset input of the on-board ADM811.  However please be aware that the reset time for that device is several hundred milliseconds.

    Hope that helps