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About the time until the conversion result output of AD7172-2

Let me ask you about the time it takes for the AD7172-2 to get results in single conversion mode (the time it takes for the / RDY pin to go down).

All used with default settings (250Ksps, CH0 only ON, SIN5 + 1,SING_CYC = 1).

Reg: 0x01
DATA: 0xA11C

As a result of writing and starting conversion, the time until the / RDY pin goes down is 354 μS.
I thought that the result would be obtained with 32μS + 161μ (1/250Ksps × 5), but I needed another 161μS.

Q1: Is this correct?

(Virtual Eval Tool --In the BETA tool, the conversion mode is "continuous" and the condition is a little different, but the first conversion seems to be 32 μS + 1 / ODR × 5 and the result is obtained.)
Q2: Is it possible to eliminate the additional 161 μS?

I look forward to your advice.