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AD7663 Substitute?

What is a good substitute for IC AD7663?  

  • Hello, 

    I moved your question to the Precision ADC Q&A page for support. To help make an suitable suggestion, could you share some details about your ADC requirements such as: 

    1. What is the typical input voltage range in volts? Do you require the integrated input voltage range scalar?

    2. Are you looking for the same throughput and resolution as the AD7663? 

    3. Do you have any other design considerations or feature requirements such as power constraints, digital interface preference, etc.? 

    Thank you!

  • MVEng,

    Just following up with my colleagues query to see if you've identified a suitable alternative part for the AD7663.  Please be aware that our offices will be closed next week for our annual winter shutdown and support will be limited.

    Happy Holidays