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AD2S1210 reading issue

Hi all,

I am working on a resolver-based foc motor driver and trying to find an angle with AD2S1210. But the problem is that when I use resolver output, motor doesn't work. After that I am giving the angle by myself (i.e. 0.5 degrees in 100us) and read the resolver. In this situation everything is fine. The results are good but the angle is moving slowly. The resolution is 16-bits. I am not sure about that. Waiting for your helps.

Thanks in advance.  

  • Gegoysu,

    Unfortunately your description of the problem is a bit ambiguous so it's difficult to pinpoint anyone problem.  Could you please provide more information with regards to the followings.

    1) The resolver connection to the AD2S1210 RDC including excitation voltage (applied/required) and excitation frequency.  Please also indicate the magnitude of the resolver outputs at their peak values as measured differentially across the output.   Please also indicate the common mode voltage at each of the output legs.

    2) Could you also indicate how you have implemented the read timing from the AD2S1210. 

    Answers to these queries will give me a better picture of what needs to be explored next.