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LTC1867 not working!! Constantly getting zero as ADCcode in SPI


I was working with LTC1867I (16-Bit, 8-Channel 200ksps ADC). I am getting zero (0X0000) as ADC code constantly in my SPI RX buffer.

my process of driving the ADC is

* set CS_pin high.

* some delay

* reset CS_pin low

*Tconv _delay

* send 0X8400 data in SPI full-duplex.( for unipolar,CH0, CH7/COM used as CH7)

* get the data

*some delay

* set CS_pin high.

I am repeating this process twice for getting the current read data. But every time I get 0X0000 as ADC output. Please guide me to tackle this issue.


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