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AD7403 VDD2 vs AD7403-ep


I was hoping to use and AD7403-ep (or the V62/16625 equivalent), but I noticed something odd:

For the AD7403, the specified range for VDD2 is 3V to 5.5V, while on the AD7403-ep it is limited to 4.5V to 5.5V.

Is there a reason for this?  All my I/O is currently at 3.3V; I'd have to translate voltages and create a new rail.  



  • Hi Dave, 

    EP has wider temperature range and supports defense and aerospace applications which has a strict test requirements than than the standard part so it is expected that there's a slight specification difference between the two as the test coverage is also different. 

    May I know what is your application? and does it require the above standard or higher temperature range? 



  • I plan on using it to measure the bus voltage on a motor application.  -40 to 125 is sufficient, so I can use the non-ep version, but our customer will question why we would use such a part when the -ep is available.  Further, we need to generate a company drawing which we would not need to do if a V62 drawing is available.  Just more paperwork and explaining.  

  • I see. However, I cannot recommend to operate with 3.3V digital supply with ep version as it is not specified that way so we cannot guarantee the performance even if you only need to operate at narrow temperature range. Like I said the strict requirements for defense and aerospace application may have been the reason why the limit is tighter on the ep version. 

    If you wish to discuss this offline you may contact your local FAE's.