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AD7150 /AD7156

We are designing a control handle with proximity detection, meaning, the user must hold or be in close proximity of the control handle to be able to activate it. Functionally I can not seem to see the difference between AD7150 and AD7156, where are the differences?

The Cin and Exc sensor input signals are required to be shielded, practically this is a problem when using PFC/FFC cable to connect the sensors. Do these signals to be separated in the FPC/FFC cable with a shield inbetween them as well? Any technical information available about this?

As this is a medical device, we need to take great care about ESD and EMC protection, is there more information about this as well?

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  • Thank you for your quick replies. Do you have any knowledge about how the shielding is solved with FPC/FFC cables like the ones used on membrane panels? I assume, apart from the shield around the cable,  a shield conductor is needed between every Cin and Exc connection? If both Cin and Exc connections are close together but within one shield, they could not pick up disturbances? Is there any requirement about minimum distance from each other?