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ADAS3023 VSSH and VDDH before VIO


I am  FAE in Japanese distributor.

Our customer is designing power sequence of ADAS3023.

We has already read Figure46 and  Alternative Sequencing in the page 24 of datasheet RevB.

Our customer’s design is not compliant with Figure46 and is compliant with Alternative Sequencing.

Our customer’s power up sequence is the following.

   1. +5V is applied to VDDH

   2. -5V is applied to VSSH

   3. +3.3V is applied to VIO

   4. +3.3V is applied to PD and RESET

   5.+15V is applied to VDDH    

   6.-15V is applied to VSSH

   7.+5V is applied to DVDD   

   8.+5V is applied to AVDD 

Could you advice whether Our customer’s power up sequence is Ok or not?

Best regards


Our customer’s power up sequence was Updated.
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