AD7380 data rate

The AD7380 datasheet specifies that the data rate is 4MSPS. However, the diagram on page 7 appears to show a data rate of 8 MSPS when in "serial 2-wire" mode.

Is the 4 MSPS specification for a single ADC or for both ADCs together? What is the total data rate for this chip?

Datasheet -

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    on Oct 4, 2021 3:24 AM in reply to cmarcus

    Hi cmarcus,

               In page 7, 250ns per cycle, which is about 4MSPS. The AD7380 has 2 ADC and each has its own dedicated data output channels, SDOA and SDOB. SDOA and SDOB clock out simultaneously the results of each ADC channel at 4MSPS throughput rate. This rate will be half when using 1-wire mode.



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