About Obtaining accurate values of Vcc and VLDO when oversampling is used for AD7616


Please tell me about AD7616BSTZ.

Currently, SPI (single) connection from CPU,
The AD conversion value is acquired by the software sequencer (non-burst).
At this time, the Vcc and V LDO codes are acquired by the diagnostic function.

When the oversampling function is enabled,
It was found that the larger the number of oversamplings,

the more the code of "Vcc and V LDO" deviates from the theoretical value.

The diagnostic function section of the data sheet states that "accurate values ​​can only be obtained with throughputs less than 250 kSPS".



Does it mean that you cannot sample accurately because you are sampling at the equivalent of 1 MSPS (or faster) during oversampling?

Is it possible to get accurate values for Vcc and V LDO using oversampling?

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