AD7606CFMCZ signal reflections


I have been testing the capabilities of the AD7606c-18 with the eval board AD7606CFMCZ + SDP-H1.

After testing around with a function generator measuring one channel, I noticed that all channels are influenced by the signal of channel 5.

I tested a 20khz sinewave with 4.5V amplitude. My testing setup looks like this: (sorry for bad quality)

The sinewave of channel 5 can be seen on all channels, worst one being the one right next to it which shows a sinewave with over 60mV of amplitude.

All Channels are set to +-5V bipolar measurement and only channel 5 is connected to the function generator.

Is it Normal that this happens? To me this seems a bit much, or did I mess something up with the configuration of the jumpers...?

Best Regards

Thomas Gutjahr

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 16, 2021 11:55 AM

    Hi Thomas,

    Levels look large alright, but that may be normal with floating inputs. Have you tried applying an actual input signal to the other channels?

    Please have a look to the channel to channel isolation spec in table 2, definition of how this is tested is in terminology section. That would tell what the normal interference expected.