ADAQ4003 oversampling


I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

Dynamic Range of OSR 256 in ADAQ4003 Datasheet is 122dB.

It is better than OSR=1

OSR of EVAL_ADAQ4003FMCZ can be changed by ACE software.

But OSR of ADAQ4003 can be not changed by register access.

Are OSR of EVAL_ADAQ4003FMCZ changed in ACE by SDP-H1 board or PC?

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    on Sep 10, 2021 9:44 AM


    Apologies for missing this thread. We will contact the product owner and get back to you. 



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    on Sep 14, 2021 5:11 AM

    Hi N.Kokubo,

    Technically increasing the oversampling ratio (OSR) results in overall reduced noise and  DR improvement. as guideline for oversampling the ADC by a factor of four, a 6 dB increase in for for ADAQ4003 122dB for 256 OSR

    Then generally  OSR technique is most often used in Δ-Σ ADC, with an integrated digital filter and decimation functionality that can be change or control  over register, however for the use in ADAQ4003 or SAR ADC as a whole. it was implemented in the ACE SW using a simple averaging of the ADC output samples, meaning, summing the number of ADC samples and dividing it by the oversampling ratio to get the increased dynamic short the ACE SW allows the user to select the OSR or a post process.

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