So, im using the ad7606c-18 instead of the -16, and I use a SCLK with 16.67 MHz and works correctly, but when I increase it to 25 MHz it does not work. I'm using the EVAL-AD7606C18FMCZ board.

Another question that I have, if you know if the FlexSPI from NXP LS1028 can be adapted to this serial protocol?, I think we cannot, just to confirm.

And what SPI protocol has more than one MISO signal?


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  • I meant disconnect them, to see if it's genuine the AD7606C shifting that wrong data 0x444 or something else (level shifter?) was overdriving the lines. 

    How are you connecting NXP board and EVAL-AD7606CFMCZ together? Is it through wires on P2 connector? Just wondering if the higher speed has something to do with the wires