AD7124-8 Decouplig voltage pin 24


We are using the AD7124-8 with ± 1.8V power. On pin 24 I find a voltage of 0.105 V and as I see it must be 1.8 V aproximately. I have changed the decoupling capacitor and the voltage does not change. What could be the problem? The readings on the SPI are erratic, changing from positive to negative full scale. IOVDD is +3.3 V. At pin 22 there is 0.700V. Vontage at  pin 1 is 1.8 V .


  • Hi, 

    Does "We are using the AD7124-8 with ± 1.8V power" mean that your AVDD to AVSS is ± 1.8V? if that's so, the AD7124-8 will not work properly and will not provide the right voltages from mentioned pins above. 

    These are the specified values for the AVDD to AVSS of the AD7124-8:



  • Thanks for your answer. Maybe I didn't express it correctly, I'm sorry. The ADC is connected in the dual power supply mode, with 3.6 V between AVdd and AVss and ±1.8 V between ground and AVdd and AVss. 

  •  Hola Jellenie,

    Los voltajes referidos a DGND (pin 3, 0 Voltios) son: AVdd 1.800 V, AVss: -1.800, REGCAPA (Pin 24): 0.102 V, IOVdd 3.3 V, DGND es la referencia de 0 V, REGCAPD (pin 1) 1.800V. El voltaje entre los pines del REGCAPA (0.1 uF) es 1.902 V. Les muestro la parte ADC del esquema.


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    Apologies. Can you speak english please?

    EngineerZone ( offers support for English language inquiries only. Please post your question in English so that all members can read it. 

    However, looking at the numbers I think what you are seeing is normal 1.9V with respect to AVSS. The REFOUT will also be 2.5V with respect to AVSS so 0.7V with respect to GND is normal if AVSS is -1.8V from GND. 

    What do you mean exactly by erratic readings?



  • Hi,

    Sorry because my english translator play a joke on me...  I think all voltages are right so the problems must be from other part of the circuit, because teh ADC works fine with a external linear power supply, and not with the LTC3260 we are using. When I said erratic it means that in every reading it's different, passing from the upper to the lower full scale and intermediate values without doing nothing at the input. So maybe it's a problem of compatibility between both circuits.

    Thanks a lot   

  • Hi, 

    So you meant that the issue is only present when you are using LTC3260? Can you confirm that you are getting valid results from the ADC when an external supply is used? 

    I think the power product has high switching speed and high transient so careful consideration especially in the component placement and layout is needed. We do not also usually recommend to use switching regulator to supply directly our precision ADCs as it is really subject to high noise due to its switching frequency. 

    I’d suggest to ask someone from the power by linear community to help you with the power solution. 



  •  an LMThat's it. When I use the LTC3260 appear the problems but not with a supply using two linear regulators (LM 317 / 337). When supply is linear all works fine.I will ask for a power supply solution.

    Thanks a lot.

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