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Gang Mode ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 - OPSTAT Register always busy

Hello all,

I'm in the process of writing a software driver for an ADAS1000 and ADAS1000-2 ECG front end and I'm getting problems in the gang mode. I tested read frames in the master (ADAS1000) and all worked well but when i tried connect both the Configuration Status bit, off OPSTAT register, off slave (ADAS1000-2) is always busy. I confirmed that I've got the CLK_IO line with clock signal entring in the slave.  

The registers that I'm using are:

ADAS1000 (master)
FRMCTL = 0x7FC40
(check PPL -> ready)
New Register ECGCTL = 0xA004AE   // ADC activation

ADAS1000-2 (slave)
CMREFCTL =  0x7804
FRMCTL = 0x7FC50

The steps of my code are:
 1. Configure the ADAS1000
 2. Configure the ADAS1000-2 + Activate the ADC of ADAS1000-2
 3. Check the PPL status bit of ADAS1000-2
 4. Check the PPL status bit of ADAS1000
 5. Activate the ADAS1000 ADC
 6. Read Frames

Do you have any idea of what the solution might be?

Best regards,
Samuel Heleno