looking for AD7091R-8 reliability data, link on website broken?

I am trying to get FIT rate for AD7091R-8, but the link on the AD website doesn't seem to be working? I get garbage in the window instead of product links. Is there a particular browser that is needed? Thanks! ~Susan


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  • Chrome looks a little different today but still doesn't allow me to look up the device? Firefox looks normal when I first land on the page, but as soon as I enter a part number and try to pull up the data, it gives me essentially the same results as chrome did with all the non-text ASCII characters. I am also looking for the data for AD5338R D-to-A converter. I am going to see if it is my company's IT policies that might be causing the problem by trying this on a personal asset instead of a company one. If it works, I will update here. Thanks!