AD4111 Some registers cannot be read

AD4111 for My Programs:

1:  write 0x47  receive 0x3DDE   (read ID Register )

2:  write 0x01 83 10   (write ADC Mode Register )

3:  write 0x41   receive 0x8301 (read ADC Mode Register )

  Everything behind 3 is wrong.all are 0xff

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 1, 2021 9:19 AM in reply to Whochloroplast


    I would recommend to just operate with standard continuous conversion mode and just disable the continuous read mode. 

    For continuous read mode, conversions are placed on the DRDY line automatically and there is no need to issue a read data register instruction. However, in continuous read mode, the data register is updated each time a conversion is read. So, if you have a slow SCLK, you may read some of the current conversion and some bits of the next conversion, leading to an overall invalid reading. That is why it is really important to ensure that each conversion read is completed before the next conversion is available because you can only read it once. 

    Unlike with standard continuous conversion mode only, you can instruct the ADC to read the data multiple times before the completion of the next conversion.