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wanted to ask a question about on-chip conversion clock in AD7091R-4

you are not defining on-chip conversion clock in AD7091R-4 datasheet, what is it's significance in this AD chip? and is it generated from pll? and is CONVST signal regular and coming after each micro second?

  • Hi Sumbal-Maham,

           The on-chip conversion clock is internal to the AD7091R-4. This clock operates during the conversion cycle of the AD7091R-4.  The On-Chip conversion clock is independent of the SCLK. SCLK is used in the communication interface to read and write to the AD7091R-4.

         The CONVST pin accepts the signal to initiate an ADC conversion. A minimum of 10ns is required for the CONVST to go low to initiate a proper conversion. This signal is driven externally from a digital source like microcontroller, DSP or FPGA. When the conversion time has elapsed after conversion was initiated, CS then can go low to frame and read the conversion data.



  • Hi jcolao

    Please could you tell me the technique used for clock generation?



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