AD74412RBCPZ unable to communicate with arduino(SPI)

I have being trying to communicate with AD74412 with SPI using arduino and STM32h723 development board no matter how hard I tried I am unable to receive any data from that AD74412 IC.

Datasheet says first we have to clear Alert status register bits and i did and in order to read something i have to use Readback select register and I am doing everything according to the datasheet I am not receiving any data at the output. And this sensor i cannot simply send dummy clocks and get the data it requires me to write the address of the register which i want to read inn Readselect register.

Is there something else I am missing here the PC based software seems to work fine but when i use arduino noting happens.

Kindly help me I am working some important project and also if there any library files available please so share me. I will be off loaded.

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  • Hi ,I  do not  use the ADI evaluation board , I design this board myself,Because i used to   AD4111 communicate with the STM32F103, So now i design  the  board  about  AD74412  communicate to the SMT32F103 ,The board  designed reference  EVAL AD4111, just change the AD4111 to the AD74412 .  The  voltage of IOVDD is 3.3V ,the scope shots as below,

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