AD74412RBCPZ unable to communicate with arduino(SPI)

I have being trying to communicate with AD74412 with SPI using arduino and STM32h723 development board no matter how hard I tried I am unable to receive any data from that AD74412 IC.

Datasheet says first we have to clear Alert status register bits and i did and in order to read something i have to use Readback select register and I am doing everything according to the datasheet I am not receiving any data at the output. And this sensor i cannot simply send dummy clocks and get the data it requires me to write the address of the register which i want to read inn Readselect register.

Is there something else I am missing here the PC based software seems to work fine but when i use arduino noting happens.

Kindly help me I am working some important project and also if there any library files available please so share me. I will be off loaded.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 29, 2021 4:51 PM in reply to ABHIN

    Hi Abhin,

    If using a the arduino headers with your own SPI master instead of the SDP header, you should not need to change any jumper settings. 

    You do need to make sure that the RESET pin is pulled high in your setup (either by the master or using a pullup resistor to DVCC). Is the ALERT pin pulled low? 

    Similar to Ankit, you should confirm that all of the supplies are up, as expected (I've listed them above).

    I'm happy to review any scope shots that you might have of the 4 SPI signals on the AD74413R board to help to confirm that they look ok. 



  • Hi guys,

    has anyone of you finally managed to communicate properly with AD74412 and and an external SPI master or is still an unresolved issue ?

    Many thanks for your help.