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AD7150 detection range 10cm for proximity


              Customer will use a finger or hand from away 10cm to detect object close or not for proximity and touch application. Could AD7150 meet below requirement? Thank you.  

1.10cm could detect finger closed to object

2. Touch pad by finger 



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  •  Hello 

         Customer would like to detect finger close to touch panel that 10cm detection distance. If close to touch panel under 10cm and touch pad will light on. Then close to 2cm distance, finger can touch the pad on panel.  The touch pad is 8 on panel.


            They would like use AD7150 to detect 10cm then light on panel. If keep close, they will use AD7142 to detect touch pad on panel. Is this feasible? If yes, how to design touch pad layout and shape of AD7150 and AD7142? Thank you.