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AD7606C-18 serial mode operation

Hi Team,
Does AD7606C-18 support a standard serial interface?.
From the datasheet, we found the nPAR/SER SEL pin must be tied on high to enter in serial mode.
In serial mode,
nCS pin is the chip select pin,
nRD/SCLK pin is the clock,
DB13/SDI is the Serial Data In pin and needs to connect to the MOSI pin of the controller/Host,
What about the SDO pin of the slave.
If DOUTXs pins are the data about pins when using the serial mode, what kind f pins are required at the controller side. Ie, GPIO, or any other.
What is the difference between ADC mode and Register mode?.
Also, when using the Parallel interface mode can I connect all the data pins of the slave to any GPIO of my host?. Or do I need a dedicated parallel bus interface?.

ADC mode and Register mode
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