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AD7606C-16: The relationship between SCLK frequency and sampling rate

Dear Technical Support Team,

Is there relationship between SCLK frequency and sampling rate?

According to the datasheet, 60MHz(VDRIVE > 2.7 V) is the max frequency.

My microcontroller is max 16MHz for SCLK. 

My target is over 200ksps and 8ch simultaneous sampling. SPI is serial interface.

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Add "SPI I/F is serial mode."
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  • Hi Lluis,

    We are trying to use an ADC ( ADS124S08) to read data from a set of batteries, we are using a 5 volt external reference for the ADC using SPI.

    While reading the output it is all 1s , irrespective of the battery we connect ( even when we disconnect the battery).

    We did try resetting the ADC

    Could you please look into this and help us.