ADAS3022 Arduino example code for all channel reading we need


we are  working ADAS3022EDZ Eval board to communicate SPI through Arduino board. please help me 

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    on Jul 26, 2021 4:55 PM in reply to bakyaraj


    During configuration I write the configuration onto MOSI (SDI) on the first conversion serial transfer and then execute two more conversions with data accesses with 0x0000 passed to the device such that no further updates to the configuration word are requested.  This ensures that the NEXT conversion started will give me the result (in this case) of channel 0-1, followed by the difference of channels 2-3, then channels 4-5, channels 6-7 and so on as I loop the data capture.

    During data capture I always send 0x0000 to avoid updating the configuration word.

    In all my setups RESET = 0, PD = 0 so I did not capture them.