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ADAS3022 Arduino example code for all channel reading we need


we are  working ADAS3022EDZ Eval board to communicate SPI through Arduino board. please help me 

  • bakyaraj,

    As previously requested we will need additional information regarding how you've modified the evaluation board to connect your controller, the code you are currently using and any physical result data you can share to help us diagnose you problem.


  • bakyaraj,

    If REFIN = 0 volts on the evaluation board something is potentially wrong with your setup.

    Please try running just the following small portion of your code.

    1) Power up the board.

    2) PD = 0.

    3) Pulse Reset.

    This should put the device in the default state.   Please remeasure 

    REFIN, REF1/2, ACAP, DCAP and RCAP.  If any of these are not their expected values then check

    1) the PD pin is truly cleared. 

    2) RESET is not asserted 

    3) If the states of PD and RESET are correct verify that you have power applied to VIO, AVDD, DVDD.

    Until we can get the reference to start-up there is no point playing with the interface as we can't be sure the part is correctly biased.  

    If you see the reference come up after running this short sequence try the following.

    Send three conversion sequences consisting of.

    1) A conversion pulse

    2) A serial transaction of 16 clocks (Just send 0's.  Don't try to update the interface)

    On the final conversion sequence extend the number of clocks to 32 clocks (send two words) and verify the contents that comes out of SDO = 0x7FFF which is the default.   If this works then we can be reasonably confident the setup is working.

    Next try repeating the sequence of three short conversions this time inserting your 0xF7FE command.  You should read back 0x77FE from the part after the third conversion with the extended readback.

    If you are still having trouble after this let me know and I will try to get a setup working in the lab on Monday to show you everything working.   The other thing to try (assuming you have a CED controller board) is to revert one board and verify it works yourself just to be sure the hardware is not in someway damaged.   


  • Could you please share your working hardware result. Its also help us

  • We are following the above the procedure. we have attached timing end of 0x77FE

  • bakyaraj,

    So inferring from the data you provided I'm assuming.

    • The voltage reference initialized the way we would expected it too, REFIN = ~2.5V, REF1/2 = 4.096V
    • The LDOs are powered up so RCAP, DCAP, and ACAP ~2.5-2.6V
    • You were able to read the default configuration after initial startup.
    • And Finally you were able to confirm that the desired configuration word is programmed into the device.

    I'm assuming however that you still are not getting results that make sense to you.

    Are you still seeing results similar to what you reported previously? 

    • If so please confirm that you have VDDH, VSSH = 15V and -15V respectively.   
    • Also please provide me with the inputs your are providing to the device so that we can make sure we understand what the expected value should be.


  • bakyaraj,

    I will work on getting these plots for you this morning.


  • Hi,

    we are try to read result differential input measurement (0xF7FE) configuration to All channel result

    first case:

    IN0 = -5v

    IN1 = 5v

    IN2 = open

    IN3 = open

    IN4 = open

    IN5 = open

    IN6 =open

    IN7 = open

    Second Case:

    IN0 = -5v

    IN1 = 5v

    IN2 = open

    IN3 = open

    IN4 = open

    IN5 = open

    IN6 = -5v

    IN7 = +5v


    Com = 0V

  • bakyraj,

    First of all you should not leave any of the inputs floating while converting.   Please tie them to ground or some other stable voltage.

    Second here are the timing patterns you requested with screen shots from the evaluation software showing everything working in the desired configurations.

    Differential Channels Configuration (4 channels)

    Conversion Results Differential Mode (500 Ksps, Normal Mode), 0V Differential Input

    Diff to COM (8 Channel Mode)



  • Very Thanks, i will working and update you 

  • one Question,

    1.CFG to how many 0000 to write the SPI

    2.Continuous Conversion process don't need any RESET and PD 

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