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ADAS3022 Arduino example code for all channel reading we need


we are  working ADAS3022EDZ Eval board to communicate SPI through Arduino board. please help me 

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  • hi,

    This the wave form.

    0xF7FE/0x843 0x00/0x847 0x00/0x2407 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A0F
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2409 0x00/0x23E9 0x00/0x1A14
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2406 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A1A
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A1F
    0xF7FE/0x844 0x00/0x843 0x00/0x2402 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A26
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x847 0x00/0x2407 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A2A
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x845 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A2F
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2403 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A35
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A3B
    0xF7FE/0x844 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2402 0x00/0x23E7 0x00/0x1A41