ADAS3022 Arduino example code for all channel reading we need


we are  working ADAS3022EDZ Eval board to communicate SPI through Arduino board. please help me 

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  • Bakyaraj,

    As you are using the internal reference have you verified that the REFIN and REF voltages are powered up and fully settled to their specified values?

    In fact could you please check that all supply rails are correctly powered?  This will ensure we're not fighting a supply issue.   I'll go back and look at the code snippet and waveforms you provided earlier to see if I can't come up with additional suggestions.


  • Bakyaraj,

    Did you intend to use the device in the four-(4) differential pair configuration or were you expecting to read channels 0 -7 with respect to COM?   If it's the latter you'll want to modify your configuration word to set CFG[11] to 1'b1.

    Please also share how you are validating the results of the ADC with respect to your applied input voltage.  Please note the inputs must be driven and cannot float.


  • skowalik,

    i checked

    REFIN = 0 volt in the Evaluation board  

  • hi,

    This the wave form.

    0xF7FE/0x843 0x00/0x847 0x00/0x2407 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A0F
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2409 0x00/0x23E9 0x00/0x1A14
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2406 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A1A
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x846 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A1F
    0xF7FE/0x844 0x00/0x843 0x00/0x2402 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A26
    0xF7FE/0x846 0x00/0x847 0x00/0x2407 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A2A
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x845 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A2F
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2403 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A35
    0xF7FE/0x845 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2405 0x00/0x23E8 0x00/0x1A3B
    0xF7FE/0x844 0x00/0x844 0x00/0x2402 0x00/0x23E7 0x00/0x1A41

  • hi

    Could please share  SPI to All channel working  (differential and Single end and Sequence).

    That will help us our project.

    Evaluation have 5 boards Same issue.

    Project very critical  please help me.