Multiple AD7606 ,data acquisition wrong

Hi  ADI guys,

  We use 4pcs AD7606 for synchronous acquisition, total 32 channel.

  The first and second  piece of AD7606 conversation data is normal ,but Both the first channel of third and fourth piece of  AD7606 data is wrong when CS trigger  ,then recover normal after 800ms .

   Such status occur every 3hours.

  Each AD7606 code is the same.





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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 17, 2021 10:42 AM in reply to fen1985

    Hi fen,

    By 3rd and 4th AD7606, do you mean U3 and U4 on your schematic? Have you tried:

    1.- Checking with an oscilloscope these analog inputs to make sure they are stable or if there is actually a transient during those 800ms in the analog domain.

    2.- If the analog domain does not match the ADC results, swaping U1 and U4 for instance and see if the error follows the device, so now the first AD7606 fails instead of the fourth?



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