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AD7386 in One Wire mode

I am unable to get an AD7386 working in One Wire Mode. I have tried two devices with the same result.

I have set and read back configuration registers 1 and 2 correctly with Register 2 bit 8 set but data only streams out on SDOA and SDOB.

I am using a dsPic33FJ device to read the data on it's SPI input and Channel A always appears but Channel B on the next 16 bit transfer is always 0x0000.

I have verified this on an Oscilloscope and the second SPI transfer on a single CE cycle always returns 0 volts.

Above is a scope photo of the SPI transfer. The top trace is the CS, the blue trace is the SCLK and the bottom trace is the SDOA output.

I have tried various timimg to no avail. Has anyone used this device in One Wire mode?

Can anybody help please?