LTC2984 temperature output resolution using demo code...

I am currently using the DC2420A demo kit (with LTC2984) to measure temperature.  When I graph the data using the graph button, I see 3 decimals of resolution in the data.  However, when I use the automatic code generation and upload this code to the Linduino, the output to the serial monitor has only two decimals.  I have looked at the code and do not see exactly where this resolution is limited... will you please suggest where I should be looking to modify the resolution of the output data.

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    May 5, 2021 +1 verified

    Hi JCheney

          The relevant Serial.println() call is in print_conversion_result in the LTC2984_support_functions.cpp file in the Arduino project. 

          You can print 3 decimal places by changing the call…

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