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-Regarding AD7175-8 input range


 I have a query regarding the input voltage range of AD7175-8. In my first design, I have used AD7739 now I have to replace that with 16 channel ADC, so I choose AD7175-8.

in AD7739 IC it mentions the input range +625 mV, ±625 mV, +1.25 V, ±1.25 V, +2.5 V, ±2.5 V. That means I will get 100 percent output on this voatge. but not found in AD7175-8. 

Please guide.


  • Hi, 

    AD7175-8 does not have internal PGA  or divider but is a true rail to rail input buffers. Meaning absolute Input voltage range (AIN pin) is AVSS - 0.05V to AVDD1 + 0.05V in unbuffered mode, and AVSS to AVDD1 in buffered mode, But the differential input (AIN+ - AIN-) range is still +/-VREF. 

    I would suggest to play around with our VE tool. The tool will flag the error if the input is outside range or not supported with a certain configuration. 

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