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Kindly share the Offset drift,gain drift, PSRR of AD74413R for analog input and voltage input

Also please let me know by using internal and external reference how rthe accuracy got effected?

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Monisha OM

  • Hi, 

    Again, The datasheet provide the info that you need. Please refer to the specs section. Looks like the TUE is already tested for this part and that gives you the overall ADC error at 25C and across temp. And I believe the TUE is tested using the external reference so if an internal reference will be use then you have to consider the internal reference error. 

    I'll pass you with the product owner to better assist. But I guess, as I am suggesting to the other user it would be easy to take this offline with our local FAE. You can explain all of your system application and put all of your questions on a single request and the FAE can comeback to you with a complete answer across all of the related products. 



  • Hi Monisha, 

    PSRR & accuracy specifications are available in the AD74413R datasheet. You can jump to the relevant spec table for the use case of interest.

    The accuracy specifications are assuming an ideal 2.5V reference. The reference error will have a proportional affect on the accuracy specifications. For example, a 1% error in the reference, will result in an additional 1% error in the full scale range of the DACs & ADC. 

    You will see the effect in the gain error & TUE.

    When using the internal reference, you should consider the accuracy error of the reference as an add-on error to the gain & TUE specifications.