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LTC2364-16: Driver GBW


I'm trying to use the LTC2364-16, where the ADC input is driven by an op-amp buffer. It's a battery-powered application and I want to minimise power consumption, so the driver op-amp has a low GBW of only 350kHz. As I read the LTC2364-16 datasheet, this should be acceptable as long as I allow adequate acquisition time (I do not need the full throughput of 250kSPS). Therefore, as long as everything is properly powered and I allow a long time (intention is about 30us) before setting CNV high to begin a conversion, it should be OK?

I see that an op-amp with 10MHz GBW is recommended in the datasheet, even for low frequency applications. Does this apply only when full throughput is required, meaning a lower GBW driver is acceptable if long acquisition time is allowed? Or is there a reason why higher GBW is necessary even at lower sample rates?

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