Internal Reference characteristics - LTC2326-16


We were looking at the Internal Reference (REFIN) characteristics in page 4 of the data sheet of LTC2326-16. We see that the temperature Coefficient for the voltage at REFIN mentioned in the table is Typical : 2 ppm/°C and Maximum : 20 ppm/°C. In the Note 14 it says "Temperature coefficient is calculated by dividing the maximum change in output voltage by the specified temperature range". So there is a little confusion we see here. From the Note14, the way we understood is temperature coefficient is specified in units of Volts/°C. But from the characteristics table we see that the temperature coefficient of Voltage at REFIN is given in units of ppm/°C. Can you confirm whether the value of temperature coefficient mentioned in table is in units of ppm/°C or Volts/°C.

Thank you

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