ad74413R Query


 1.  I want to implement the below mentioned circuit in current input (external powered mode)

  Is it possible to sense the current across Rsense, when internal 200K ohm connected to VIOUT_N is disabled ?

2.   In AD74413R, Is it possible to sink and source current upto 120ma (24V across screw terminals)  in current input external powered mode ?

3.   Is it possible to sense 0-5mV, 0-10mV with an accuracy of 0.5% using AD74413R ?

4.  As per datasheet, 35, it is mentioned that , Enable the digital input comparator with a threshold voltage of AVDD/2. In normal operation, the voltage on I/OP_x is typically within 5 V of ground. If the current source attempts to sink more than 35 mA into the AD74413R, the voltage on the SENSEL_x pin instantly ramps. When the voltage on the I/OP_x screw terminal is above the programmed threshold voltage, the comparator trips, setting the relevant VI_ERR_x bit in the ALERT_STATUS register.

  • When voltage across screw terminal is above 5V (means upto 24V),will this affect short circuit protection ?
  • Shall we able to disable short circuit current limit (35ma) by disabling the comparator ? (since we need short circuit current limit of 250ma.
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