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About the AD7380/16bit SDOA data no signal output problem


MCU: TI-28379D

ADC driver: AD4940, The input signal used the single-end to convert full differentiation data.

Gain 0.65


V-ref: 3.3v

V-logic : 3.3v

Vs+ : 5v

Vs- : 0v

I checked the SPI signal level measurement from MCU to AD7380 is fine.

But I don't understand the SDOA why the signal is not output.

How to verify AD7380 communication is works?

(SCK/SDIO signal data MCU to AD7380)

SCK/SDI signal data

(SCK/SDOA no signal output, still lower level)

SCK/SDI no signal output, still lower level

updated hardware info
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