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Diagnotsic mux value error of AD7606


I am using the AD7606B to gather adc data. In order to run self test, i tried Dignostic Mux register.

Even though i tried to select 2.5V for input , the result was 10V that i calculated.

The output 10V code is 32767 when i selected 2.5V.

Other voltages are correct value. 

So what do i wrong?

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  • Hi

    I checked reference voltage is 2.5V. 

    So i think 10V code have to be around 32768 / 4. But the result is around 32767.

    Even though it is a diagnostic channel, there is too much difference in value.

    Have you set 0x12(00010010) value on 0x28 which is address of AD7606b register?

    Or is 32767 value right because of error?