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AD7760,DRDY always at low

Hello, I am now working on a project development, using AD7760. Now I'm testing the AD7760 evaluation board. The power supply and clock of the evaluation board are normal. The SYNC signal is always high. My test process is to write reg2_add=0h0002, to reg2_data=0h0002, and then set the CS and RD/WR signals to high level. The attached picture is the waveform of each signal on the evaluation board tested by me with an oscilloscope. Among them, blue represents CS signal, yellow in figure 1 is MCLK signal, yellow in figure 2 indicates RESET signal, yellow in figure 3 indicates DB1 signal, yellow in figure 4 indicates RD/WR signal, and other DB signals have been zero. But the result is that the DRDY signal is always at a low level. In urgent need of help: what other tests can I do?