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AD4110-1 output raw value convert into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor


I wants to convert output raw value of AD4110-1 into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor.

Can some one pls help me for how to convert raw value into temperature?



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  • Hi, 

    Rref is a given value, it is the value of the reference resistor used to generate the Vref. For CN-0383 the reference voltage is driven by a reference resistor of 5.11kohm. AD4110 uses a different scheme. So ideally you just need to get the equivalent voltage from the data output code and then get the RTD resistance from the measured voltage and excitation current used. I think the datasheet mentioned how to convert data output to equivalent voltage. 

    We only have reference code here to configure the ADC that you may also find helpful. But I'm not sure with if they have specific code for temperature measurements. 

    AD4110 - No-OS Driver [Analog Devices Wiki]



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