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AD4110-1 output raw value convert into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor


I wants to convert output raw value of AD4110-1 into degree Celsius for RTD 4W sensor.

Can some one pls help me for how to convert raw value into temperature?



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  • Hi, 

    Just to add. You have to get the equivalent resistance measurement of the RTD in order for you to calculate the equivalent temperature using the RTD transfer function. The Callender-Van Dusen equation, gives a more accurate result. So I suggest you can use it.

    Please refer to this Circuit note for the equation. CN-0383 (Rev. C) (

    The RTD transfer function can be used directly from this. However, the RTD resistance measurement from code is different from AD4110 as it uses a different scheme. So Ideally you just need to convert the measurement code in voltage and divide it with excitation current. But as Vikas stated it depends on the selected excitation current, PGA settings, etc.