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Distorted o/p in EXC_OUT Signal from EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ

I am trying to use EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ to read the angle of a resolver. But when I checked the o/p Excitation signal in CRO, I am not getting a sine signal . I am getting a clamped distorted signal.

I am using the op-amp AD8397 with 0.866 gain. 

Can someone please help me to understand why not getting the exact signal at output.

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  • tpsamuel,

    Can you please describe in greater detail specifically how large the error is and how it changes as you rotate the resolver?  Also could you please indicate how you are measuring the reference position?

    Also if you could provide inside regarding the following that would be beneficial as well.

    1) Are you getting any FAULT indications?

    2) Can you please indicate what the input differential magnitudes are going into the RDC?

    3) Have you confirmed that the resolver is correctly wired to the inputs?

    Also for furture reference as this is a new issue it would be appreciated if you opened a new question.  This allows other users to more easily benefit from the content shared in the thread.


  • Also if you can comment on what resolution you are using that would be informative as well.

  • That was a programming mistake. We resolved it. By using Arduino we set the frequency to 3 KHz and read the angle of resolver. But I have another small issue. Will post it as a new issue.