ADUM5411 I/O Voltage on EVAL-AD4114 is not at V(DD1)

Hello, I have an EVAL-AD4114 I'm evaluating. It has an ADUM5411 incorporated into the board. I am not using an SDB, I'm interfacing via the arduino headers though I am not using an arduino. The board is being powered from a bench supply via J4 with 5V. In addition a 3.3V supply is feeding the V_IO_ARD pin at J7-2. It is my understanding that this voltage at J7-2 sets the I/O voltage on the side 1 logic circuits of the ADUM5411. On a device reset (eval-ad4114 power up only) with the only connections being 5V to J4, 3.3V to J7-2 and a scope probe on 5411 side 1 MISO, the data ready/not ready transitions are from 0V to 4V.  If I remove the 3.3V at J7-2 the side 1 MISO transitions change to 0V / 4.64V. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't the logic levels be set to 3.3V if that is what V(DD1) pin is set to? Thank you for any advice : )