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AD7770 Data output interface


I have problems understanding data output interface on AD7770. Here is my ADC config sequence:

08 8C (Channel disable)
11 7C (General user config 1)

13 C0 (General user config 3)

14 82 (Dout format)

60 03 (SRC N MSB)

61 D0 (SRC N LSB)

62 90 (SRC IF MSB)

Master clock 8MHz, synchro clock 2.048kHz. I am trying reading Sigma-Delta data with data output interface. I thought I can treat Dout0 as MOSI, Dclk as serial clock, and Drdy as chip select, and read it with SPI slave component on MCU. Here is what I am getting. Currently nothing is connected to positive analog (negative analog is grounded). But I am expecting stable 2.048ksps on Drdy - and it is not. Does anyone understand this data dump? Does anyone see what am I doing wrong?

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